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Pearl Harbor UNLIMITED Virtual Reality Package

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Immerse Yourself in Pearl Harbor History

Travel back in time and visit the USS Arizona before she was attacked. Sit in a Japanese attack aircraft cockpit launching ff the carrier Akagi and fly the attack profile that launched the United States into WWII.

Stand on the Deck of the Courageous Battleship USS Utah and observe the attack as she unfolded on the fateful day of infamy on Dec 7th 1941.

Lastly, explore the USS Arizona Memorial as she rests today in the hallowed waters of Pearl Harbor with an underwater VR adventure. All equipment is provided, and it’s easy to use.

Virtual Reality Tours

Walk the Deck of the USS Arizona
This amazing experience allows you to travel back in time and walk the deck and inspect the Battleship USS Arizona before it was attacked in Pearl Harbor 1on December 7th, 1941. You will see the ship in all her glory, the 14-inch guns that could through 1,000 lb shells over 18 miles with pinpoint accuracy.  This tour brings to life what it would have been like to serve as a young sailor or officer on the regal ship of the line.

Skies Over Pearl Harbor
This provides an amazing experience of the timeline of the attack and starts by placing you inside the cockpit of a Japanese fighter aircraft launching from the flagship Akagi located 230 miles north of Oahu. You will then be taken on a flight of the attack on Pearl Harbor that Sunday morning, December 7, 1941. This experience will take you back in time and provides 360-degree views from the cockpit throughout the infamous attack that changed the world forever.

An Official Pearl Harbor National Park Service VR Tour – No Boat Tickets Required.

Be transported back in time and witness firsthand the amazing events of December 7, 1941, as never before. This experience drops you into the cockpit of a deadly Japanese fighter plane as it departs the carrier Japanese flagship Akagi 230 miles north of Oahu and heads for the military airfields and Pearl Harbor. It also provides lesser-known known details of the attack, such as the different types of aircraft utilized and how the pilots maintained radio silence while using a Honolulu radio signal to guide their way to Oahu.

While in the fighter aircraft during the flight and attack over Pearl Harbor, you have 360-degree views of all the other attack aircraft, the island of Oahu, and the attack as it unfolds. This is a hair-raising experience you will never forget, and you may want to repeat it 2 or 3 times before you leave.

Air Raid Pearl Harbor

An Official Pearl Harbor National Park Service VR Tour  – No Boat Tickets Required.

This amazing virtual combat experience catapults your back in time, providing an exciting and deadly timeline of the attack on Pearl Harbor. You are placed on the deck of the USS Utah, one of the three battleships destroyed on that Sunday morning, December 7, 1941. Three minutes after the first wave of Japanese warplanes arrived at Pearl Harbor, a message was sent that would resonate through history: “Air Raid Pearl Harbor, This is no Drill.” Within two hours, 2,390 Americans were killed and 1,178 wounded.

This tour provides a 360-degree view of the attack as it unfolded, allowing you to look in any direction at any time during the attack to experience what the Sailors and Marines in Pearl Harbor were seeing that day.

Explore the USS Arizona Today
This amazing underwater Virtual Reality exploration allows you to see the USS Arizona as she rests today in the hallowed waters of Pearl Harbor. You will experience it, which allows you to dive around the vessel and see the turrets, inspect the remaining guns, and see the memorial as she sits above the ship today.

Your exceptional experience here will provide you with a lifetime of extraordinary stories you can share with family and friends forever.